Have I Found You? (Part 5)

Disclaimer: The contents of this blog post are purely fictional. Hence, the authors do not in any way intend to hurt or denounce those whose names are being mentioned.☺☺☺

The few sun rays that managed to barge through the window curtains at the room’s opposite end readily tells her that it was indeed a brand new day for her, for them actually. Now she’s beginning to get used to it— Having him as her first thought in the morning. Before, she would wake up thinking of her day’s schedule—shootings, tapings, recording sessions, rehearsals— everything became such a routine already.

It is only now that she gets to realize how it was like to wake up thinking of someone else, a significant other, a partner— her husband.

It was a rather weird feeling for her altogether as she stayed all curled up under the comforters with John Lloyd casually handing her the bath robe.  As she slowly move sideways in an effort to put the robe on, he likewise glides in closer to kiss her yet again but his phone all of a sudden rang foiling their moment so to speak.

He stood up to take the call.

“Okay… okay saglit lang bababa na ko.”, he said in an almost hushed tone.

Raising an eyebrow in curiosity she asks:

“Beh, sino yun?”

“Beh, balik ako agad, sandali lang ah.”

She kept mum, not wanting to entertain any worries this early in the morning.

She looks up and the clock reads just a few minutes passed five in the morning.

Beh, can I go back to sleep pa ba?“, she again asked.

“Surely, my wife.”, he replied back as he heads towards the door.


With half an eye opened, she rolled her gaze towards the clock— 6:25 AM.

She looked around only to rush back up when she realized he was nowhere to be found. She paused for several seconds more when she felt a somewhat crawling pain from her lower back. Carefully massaging it, it was only then that the small piece of  paper right by their bedside caught her eyes.

And the note reads:

“Bebe ko, I left a dark brown backpack just on top of the sofa, andun yun mga damit mo, It’s our first Sunday as a married couple officially so I thought it would be best to start it by hearing a mass. Sorry, I didn’t bother to wake you up na. Once, you’re all set andun lang sa baba yun driver ko… he will be taking you to where I am. Don’t forget your sunglasses beh I love you.

-Bebe mo”

She then dropped the piece of paper to get the brown backpack. Not long after, she proceeds to the bathroom to take a shower.


She alighted from the van looking a little serious. She is wearing a plain white top and a pair of maong jeans. Her hair was just let loose even covering both her ears.

“Ahhh, ma’am… andun na daw po sa loob ng chapel si Sir.”

She nodded as she now placed a cap and a sun glass on before heading to the small town chapel just a few steps away from where the van is parked.

He was quick to welcome her by the chapel door. Kissing her on the cheeks, he then whispered:

Beh, you okay?

She curved up her lips to a smile as a reply gently slapping his cheeks with her right hand.

“Iwan ba kong mag-isa sa kwarto?”, she blurted out as she reaches for his left hand. He bowed his head down obviously controlling his chuckles.

The mass has just started when they stepped in so both just opted to seat at the chapel’s last row.

Eh ang sarap kasi ng tulog mo beh eh, nakakahiya namang gisingin ka… Eh pagod na pagod ka pa naman from last night.“, he remarked his eyebrows moving up and down quite naughtily.

Her cheeks turned visibly red upon hearing him say that.

“Shhh…Ano ba beh, this not the right place and time to talk about that ahh.”, she retaliated.

“Beh, naiintindihan naman ni Lord ang pagod mo… bunga lang naman yan ng wagas na pagmamahal mo… sa akin!”

Her eyes widened all of a sudden. She did not even realized that her voice had already ascended a tone higher as she utter:

“At wagas din ang gagawin kong pag-iwan sa iyo dito kapag di ka pa tumigil dyan. Ano ba beh may makarinig sa’yo!”

This time around an old lady seated just in front of them interfered, giving them that rather upset look, making her lean her face against his back in sheer guilt.

“Nakilala kaya tayo?”, she whispered closely.

“Hindi yan, mukhang malabo na mata ni lola eh!”

Ikaw kasi eh!

As they now focused their attention to the mass, she noticed the mounting sternness in his look. His eyes closed in prayer.

She just stared at him not wanting to disturb his own quiet time.

As he opened his eyes, she bides for a few moments more before finally asking:

“Beh, anong pinagdasal mo?”

“Na bigyan na Niya tayo agad ng maraming little Sarah at John Lloyd.”

He laughed upon saying this.

“Hindi, ano ba biro lang… well syempre on second thought sooner or later gugustuhin ko rin naman bumuo na ng sarili nating pamilya… But right now, I’m just thankful that I have you… that I have every single day from now on to show you just how much I love you. But more than that, I am thanking Him for not giving up on me especially during the times that I have already given up on myself. Hindi Siya nagsawang ipaalala sa akin to strive to be a better person na parang Huy ayusin mo na yung sarili mo kasi may darating sa buhay mo na isang tao na mag- dedeserve at magbabalik ng pagmamahal na kaya mong ibigay at Ikaw ‘yon.”, he lengthily uttered.

Now, it was her turn to be left wordless.

It took awhile for her to recover. She literally melted with his words.

“Ikaw yung pinakamagandang nangyari sa buhay ko.”, he tearfully added.

Brushing off his tears, she began to speak.

“At ikaw rin ang pinakamagandang nangyari sa buhay ko. And the decision to marry you, it feels as though yun yung pinakatamang ginawa ko sa buong buhay ko. I mean, I don’t know why it has taken us this long para ma-realize ang lahat ng ‘to but siguro nga He prepared the best for us, na He did let us to go though what we both had gone through so we can appreciate how much worth there is after all these.”, she expounded while touching his cheeks.

Both sighed at almost the same interval.

As they smiled at each other, it was then that John Lloyd took Sarah’s hand telling her that they needed to go ahead of everyone else to avoid the imminent disarray that is to come once people starts recognizing them.

Sinong hinahanap mo?“, he asked her looking a bit puzzled.

Si Manong… Nasaan yung van?

He only smiled in return.

“Adventure ‘to beh, ako bahala sa iyo. Yung cap and sun glass mo beh.”


Jeep beh?“, she animatedly asked.

“Ayaw mo?”

Gusto… gustong gusto alam mo bang high school pa ko nung huling nakapag-jeep?

He looks on as he enjoys that exciting look that radiates in her eyes.

Punta tayong Tagaytay bale one  jeepney ride and one bus ride then we’re there.

And so they embark  onto a half- empty jeepney, sitting at its far end.

She giggled as she murmured to his ear.

Alam mo beh, dati kaya kong sumabit sa jeep… dati kasi kapag wala ako pambayad hehehhehe…

“Oh mamaya talaga sasabit tayo.”, he remarked back.

“Huh? Ano?”

Wala…” he answered smilingly.

She got overly agitated that she took off her sun glass poking her head outside loving the freedom she has at the moment, forgetting the presence of the people around however.

They both moved sideways to give way to a  pregnant girl  carrying a couple of paper bags with her.

“Bayad po…”, says the pregnant lady.

As Sarah turns:

“Sarah… Sarah Geronimo!”, the girl shouted catching the attention of everyone else.

Alarmed and all, she places back the sun glass bowing her head thereafter.

John Lloyd put his arms around her in an obvious effort to protect her subsequently taking out a 500-peso bill.

“Sagot ko na po yun pamasahe ninyong lahat, huwag lang po kayong maingay. Keep the change na rin po.”

As she buries her face onto his shoulders, she managed to curve up an awkward smile.

“Sorry, nawala sa isip ko…”, she softly enunciated.

He embraced her tighter this time around.

“Ssshhh… okay lang.”, he assured.

“Pa-picture na lang ohh!”, the people around screamed to which the two gamely agreed.

“Teka lang beh ah.” , he said taking his phone out to call his driver.

“Magpahatid na lang tayo after this, huwag na tayo mag- bus… medyo mahirap na eh!”, he told her.


“We’re here na. Manong, saan ba masarap na bulalohan dito? Take us there.”, he told his driver.

Some fifteen minutes more, they found themselves a rather small place known for their special bulalo among others.

He placed two orders for them as she leisurely browse the menu with the waiter just standing nearby.

Ahh ma’am baka gusto niyo po i-try yung special soup namin dito, may asparagus po yun and clams… ino-offer po namin yun sa mga couples na kumakain sa amin dito kasi ano daw po yun ehh… aphro… aprhro…

“Hep, hep kuya wag na… wag mo na ituloy! Okay na ko sa bulalo and sinigang.”, Sarah inerjeced cutting the waiter’s sentence.

She held her breathe there for awhile.

“Oh, subukan mo raw yun beh…”, he playfully teases.

“Alam mo ikaw… kaya mo siguro ako dinala dito…para…”

“Wala akong alam diyan ahh, ako pa?”, he said acting very innocent, biting his lower lip at that.

She bent forward to reach the glass of water in front of her.

“Eh, I just wanted you be full para sa major activity natin later.”, he continued with a cute grin in his face.

She coughed so hard almost spilling the water out.

“Anong sabi mo?”, she asked coughing yet still.

“Major activity… Sports ito ‘no beh… you’ll find out later. Sports…eh ano bang iniisip mo ha?”, he answered.


As they stepped out of the restaurant, she easily saw their driver preparing two bicycles.

She ran towards it like a little child.

“Mag-bibiking tayo?”

Sabi naman sa’yo beh adventure itong araw na ito? So ano game?

“Sure, sure… tara…”, she happily responded.

“Teka, beh… dahan dahan… yun head gear mo pa… oh yung balance mo… find your balance first.”

“Hey, modesty aside John Lloyd Cruz, magaling yata ako dito.”, she said smirking.

“Okay, I surrender! Ikaw na… Tignan natin yang galing na sinasabi mo,beh we’ll just used this ahh to get to the Highlands.”

“Tagaytay Highlands?

He nodded.

“Something’s waiting for us there.”


They momentarily stopped near a cliff as she was startled by its mere breathtaking sight.

Taking a towel with him, he handed her a bottle of mineral water subsequently wiping off her sweats.

Stepping in closer, he kissed her in the forehead while hugging her from behind.

“Alam mo ikaw, bakit andami- dami mong alam na sorpresa.” , she told him softly.

“I just wanted to make everything unforgettable for you. Alam ko naman you’ve been missing out on a lot. And yang mga ngiting yan, priceless yan para sa akin. And one more thing, kasi weve past up on he ligawan stage so this is just my way of telling you na araw- araw kitang liligawan from now on.”

“Talaga?”, she asked taking a step back.

He nodded in accord pinching her nose not long after.

“I love you”, he whispered.

“Ano yun?”

Sabi ko, I love you.

Huh, ano yun beh? Sorry, nabibingi kasi ako lately…“, she joked.

He chuckled leaning in forward catching her lips in an instant.

She was silenced needless to say. He took his time kissing her deeper and deeper as the seconds pass by.

She did not move a single inch up until she felt his lips bite hers.  It was like a sudden adrenaline rush crept into her, she did not know to react.

He felt her nerves rumble so as he slowly  loosen his grip, he let out a shy laugh to get her mind off the ‘biting’ thing.

A charmingly blushing Sarah laughed back.

A moment of silence followed.

Uuwi na tayo ng Manila tomorrow. I still have a couple of commercial shoots then you have to finish recording your album pa. So I guess, we have to make the most out of what’s left of the day na lang muna..


It was already half an hour passed two in the afternoon when the they arrived at the Tagaytay Highlands Complex. She remembered being here with him during the shoot of their second film and being back right there bring so much wonderful memories.

They spent the next half an hour biking yet still enjoying the abundance of the pine trees, the winding roads and the nice temperature.

Her legs already felt a little shaky, a bit retiring to some extent so the two just decided to take a rest for the meantime. It was then that John Lloyd noticed the seeming uneasiness on Sarah’s part.

Aren’t you enjoying anymore?“, he worriedly inquired.

“I haven’t enjoyed myself this much for the longest time.”, she aptly replied.

Eh bakit parang tumamlay ka yata? Have I done anything wrong?“, he once again asked.

“Kailangan na ba talaga nating bumalik ng Manila? Dito na lang muna tayo oh.“, she responded.

“Eh ano bang kinatatakutan mo beh? Andito na ko oh. I mean alam naman nating magulo yung mundong kinabibilangan natin but sooner or later we have to deal with them and I think now is the most perfect time to face the world… Smile ka na uli okay lang yan.”

“Okay, okay…sige na nga… so ano ng gagawin natin dito beh? mag-gogolf? badminton? or biking uli?”.

“Wait before I answer that,,, dare muna tayo kapag nagawa mo yun gagawin natin later gagawin ko kahit anong gusto mong ipagawa sa akin if not yun gusto ko naman ang gagawin mo?” he said smirking.

“Parang kinabahan naman ako bigla diyan beh, pero sige I have a better deal, magawa ko man or hindi yang sinasabi mong yan, I’ll grant you a wish, tutal ang dami mo namang surprises for me eh.”

“Sigurado ka diyan? I mean kahit anong wish ko?”

Yes, try me!


Zip line?

Beh, talo na ko… ayoko niyan, ayoko niyan… balik na tayo dun… or uwi na lang tayo…

He rushed and grabbed her by the wrist to stop her from leaving.

“Di mo man lang ba susubukan? Hey, I never known you to be a quitter.”

“Bumalik na lang tayo sa lupa, sa tubig sa kung saan saan pa, huwag lang dito…”, she blurted out with her voice panicking.

For his part, he never really wanted to force her to do something she wouldn’t like but it was that part of him that wants to liberate her from all her fears, her inhibitions. He knew all too well that this will do her good in the long run.

“Look beh, I’ll go first then ikaw naman. The staff will help you with all the safety gear.”

“Teka pumayag na ba ako?”

He just smiled sans any word.

Minutes later, she watched as he embarked on his zip line ride.

Then came her turn. She is breathing heavily. The vantage view of the Taal Volcano is adding more to the now averse tension.

Ten seconds or maybe even eleven.


She has hit the highest notes possible in a song but never did she imagined she would hit one from about three hundred feet high.

He welcomed her with the tightest hug as she finished her first zip line experience. Her whole body is shaking. Her voice resigning.


“Akala ko beh hihimatayin ako dun kanina but I must admit it felt good after ah!”, she said while siting on the edge of the bed waiting for the massage attendant.

“Sabi naman sa’yo eh, you could have missed have of your life if you did not try.” , he replied looking rather relieved.

Teka, bakit ganyan ka makatingin? she again inquired appearing visibly tensed.

Don’t tell me you have forgotten about the dare.




And time did her magic. It was as if they forgot. But morning came in a brisk, giving them everything there is to remember.

— Credits to Miss O and Dyosa…Big big thanks!☺


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